Kampot, Cambodia.

At Kampot Kitchen, we aspire to bring authentic, Cambodian-style home cooking to you.

The concept of Kampot Kitchen was born in 2019. It all started from an idea to celebrate our Cambodian culture, our heritage and ultimately, our food. We wanted to not only appreciate, but also share a taste of Cambodia with the people of Melbourne. That was the beginning of the Kampot Kitchen journey. 

Here at Kampot Kitchen, we import Kampot Peppers, a world-renowned pepper with origins all the way from Kampot, Cambodia and infuse this unique flavour into our food. 

Our ‘numpang’, (baguette) is our signature food here at Kampot Kitchen. At the heart of our menu, is the Kampot Pepper, and that’s our unique ingredient that brings the flavour and taste of Cambodia to Melbourne. 

Each morning we spend hours  preparing for the start of another day of business. From making lemongrass paste from scratch, to our flavour-packed white radish and carrot salad, we love preparing, slicing, marinating and cooking our food to perfection. 

Using traditional home-cooking techniques, we ensure that the way we cook at home, is the way we cook at Kampot Kitchen. All our food is made with tender love and care, ready to share with friends and family. 

Our food is all made fresh to order. We have crafted a menu that highlights the Kampot Pepper, to suit different palettes and dietary requirements, without sacrificing flavour.

We are constantly innovating and keeping our menu fresh and exciting. We hope you love eating our food as much as we love making it for you.



We proudly celebrate our Cambodian culture through our food and share this with you at Kampot Kitchen.

made with care

We prepare our food each morning at Kampot Kitchen to ensure the food you taste is of the highest quality.


You can taste the freshness of the local produce we use in every bite.


We use traditional cooking techniques learnt from home to capture the same delicious flavour and quality that we're used to.


11 High Street, Preston VIC 3072 Australia

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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 10am – 3pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 4pm